Tubular Scales and Hanging Scales

Tubular Scales


All models are accurate within ±1 graduation. All scales are individually calibrated.
Sturdy, compact design
Easy to carry for "on-the-job" use. Equally popular with sport fisherman or scientists, these rugged scales are built to deliver accurate readings under harsh conditions.
Tare device
An ingenious, easy-to-use adjustment allows quick "taring off" of empty containers for reading of net weights.
Quality construction
Made of light-weight, rust-free hard aluminium with chrome-plated handle and hook.
Tubular Scales
Cat. Nos. Capacity Minimum Graduation Total
SK-02 0.2lb&100g 1/16oz & 1g 330
SK-04 0.4lb&200g 1/8oz & 2g 330
SK- 1 1lb & 500g 1/4oz & 5g 330
SK- 2 2lb & 1kg 1/2oz & 10g 330
SK- 4 4lb & 2kg 1oz & 20g 330
SK-10 10lb & 5kg 2oz & 50g 330
SK-20 20lb &10kg 4oz & 100g 330
SK-40 40lb &20kg 8oz & 200g 420
SK-50 50lb &25kg 8oz & 250g 420
SK-100 100lb&50kg 1lb&500g 430
SK-160 160lb&80kg 2lb&1kg 430
SK-200 200lb&100kg 2lb&1kg 520
Cat. Nos. Capacity Minimum Graduation Total
SK-01K 100g 1g 330
SK-02K 200g 2g 330
SK-05K 500g 5g 330
SK- 1K 1kg 10g 330
SK- 2K 2kg 20g 330
SK- 5K 5kg 50g 330
SK-10K 10kg 100g 330
SK-20K 20kg 200g 420
SK-25K 25kg 250g 420
SK-50K 50kg 500g 430
SK-80K 80kg 1kg 430
SK-100K 100kg 1kg 520